Blog Introduction

Sandra Blythe is a new author. While it took some discovery her early attempts at mystery writing developed into a unique storytelling experience-poetry. Her future writings would be inspired by the person she would become and the world she was living in. Sandra Blythe’s talents grew as she discovered her love for music and writing songs.

Through this new wave of expression, she realized she could share her deepest truth, by writing poetry. These writings would come effortlessly, and the people around her would become the characters in her stories. She drew inspiration from the intensity of life, love and the simple acts of kindness all the while remembering that each moment has a human face attached to it.

Why I write. “I use my writing as a way to share my voice and the voices of those around me to speak, incite and to educate. My words become a song played against music that I trust will reach into the depths of the reader allowing them to explore new places within. I aspire to touch my readers and invoke an emotional connection through my words.”

Join me on this journey and read an excerpt from When I Can’t See Me.

“There comes a time when I must regain
The nature of who I am and myself reclaim
My outer appearance should never be my identity
For what I have to offer from within is truly infinity”

Poetry In Different Colors
Life lived through discovery, motivation, love, evolution and faith. Join me and experience this inimitable journey of words and stories that feel familiar.


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