Book Signing that Creates Kinship

Reading "This Ain't That"

Reading “This Ain’t That”

Another great experience in my life happened, my book signing was Saturday, October 25, 2014. It was a unique venue and event.  Like I said, I have a great group of friends and they inspire me to try new things, so in conjunction with  “Pamper Me Pretty” day held at my friend’s beauty salon, we had vendors selling ceramics, jewelry and of course, me and my book “Poetry in Different Colors.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as I sat at my booth, I noticed how people gravitated towards the hors d’ oeuvre and other vendor tables. I wasn’t discouraged, but grew more curious about how the day would unfold. The attendees were very polite and walked by and smiled, not asking at all about my book. I took it all in stride realizing they had no clue what the book was about.  Perhaps they thought it was just another sweet, simple book of poetry such as “rose are red,”  you get the picture.

After about an hour, the crowd had grown significantly,  the host asked the guest to gather in the front area where I would perform my reading. I had already selected two of my poems.  Everyone quickly gathered and it was apparent they were uncertain as to what they would hear.  I took my place in front of the group and opened my book and announced my first poem is “This Ain’t That” with ease I transitioned into character.  I read the poem with the brisk silence and concentration of the attendees before me and by the end of the poem the applause were a resounding affirmation of approval. My next poem was “Calling on All Men”. The title itself created a buzz and curiosity among the attendees now ready to hear where I would take them on this journey. Quietly and carefully they listened, the ever present sighs throughout, at the end, and once again applause that gave affirmation to the poem. I had read both of my poems, now the attendees really had a true understanding of “Poetry in Different Colors.”  The wheel had been set in motion and questions and conversation were now in the air.  They came to the booth ready for poetry and a copy of my book.

What I learned during this experience, most people have a very basic understanding of poetry, often from what we learned in our early education years, most of which has faded over time. So opinions become less descriptive, dull is mostly what we hear.  Now I realize that is only a temporary state of mind.  With just a preview my works in an open venue, “just a sneak peek” one can imagine just what’s in store with their own personal copy of my book.

The most moving part of the book signing was realizing people in attendance found a connection with the poetry.  One female guest stated “I don’t read a lot of poetry, but I understand yours.” She proceeded to say, “I could relate to the first poem (This Ain’t That) because that’s me.” The statement had me speechless, there was such a connection and we were sharing an intimate thought, which created a kinship. As I reflect on that moment, I recall writing on the back of the book cover “we have different experiences; however, our experiences are never isolated.” It was a touching moment for me as I realized that my efforts in writing this book were not in vain.  I will continue my journey and look forward to  sharing “Poetry in Different Colors” with my readers along the way.

Reading "Calling on All Men"


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