An Intimate Moment with the Author

I had my Book Review on Saturday, November 22, 2014; it was a small and intimate group of people, most of whom I knew personally. Those guests who had already purchased the book began to share their experiences immediately with great joy and gratitude. The common thread revealed was clear, it was personal for everyone; each felt the journey was very familiar. While I was open enough to discuss some poems which are extremely personal for me, it allowed me an opportunity to connect with my guests on an entirely different level. I made reference to this very experience on the back cover of my book “our experiences are universal.” One of the guests said for her, reading the poems was a deep experience that she had moments where she said, “that’s me.” As another person said, “it was so familiar I wondered how you knew.” At that point I acknowledged the thought we connect in more ways than we realize, but giving a voice to my experiences in this book has also given a voice to others.

With my first reading, “Allow Me” we considered the meaning of relationships whether they were friend, romantic or something else. I also shared my reflection on the poem and how it in fact speaks to true friendship and what one will allow in the name of friendship. One of the messages that filter through is the silence of a broken heart and the experience of no words and just simply being present. Friendship allows us room for error and to have many chances to “get it right” while we walk and talk through the very things, which may challenge us. The poem becomes even more significant when I write about “no judgment” and allowing one to “just be.” These are characteristics friends should have one for another. “Allow Me” is a tender poem that embraces the ever changing friendship and the ability to be open to difficulties which come at any given moment in time. Most importantly, the poem embraces being strong enough to tell someone the truth at the expense of hurt feelings or offense knowing the relationship can sustain a temporary injury. The group agreed; the value of friendship or any important relationship is worth the challenges you may face to maintain it.

The second reading was “Closure” where the group agreed there are a variety of closures we experience. Some had a lot to share regarding the passing of a love one how closure is needed and relevant in that instance. The poem lends itself to the understanding that closure is internal and not dependent on the external. Though often we look at other people to give us the very object we can provide for ourselves, we often miss the mark awaiting the action of others. Closure must become present in your spirit and the reality of “it is what it is” will take on the capacity to embrace moving forward regardless of actions yet to be taken by others, such as an apology or dialogue explaining the “why” of a situation. We have the ability to control our fate and our emotions, but too often we have surrendered them to others and hold them hostage to bring resolution to our discomfort.

My last reading of the afternoon was “Let It Go.” There was a moment when everyone knew this was the best medicine when you can “Let It Go.” While not all could say they have arrived at this point, they were working on it and recognized the benefit in doing so. This poem is simple but powerful in its declaration. The overall message is when you have done all you can do “let it go.” There will be stuff we can’t change or control and the energy and time wasted trying to do so is frustrating so why put yourself through it. If you have exhausted all avenues then “let it go.” The old folks use to say, “Stop beating a dead horse,” and I have learned to embrace that idea and walk away from many situations, which can only bring pain, heartache and disappointment. The desire to make something be what it cannot is dangerous when we don’t know how to “let it go.” Letting go is a principle for people in your life, a job, or something else that you have allowed to plague you. Take a deep breath and release it.

Overall, we had a wonderful time and shared a camaraderie that I will treasure. By examining the concept behind these poems, I hope this has given you the incentive to purchase Poetry in Different Colors if you have not already done so.  

I realized, as the Book Review concluded, this is what they call an intimate moment with the author.



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