Yesterday I had a young lady ask me about writing a book of poetry and what she needed to do. She had been writing poetry for a while and was inspired by my book. She gave me several poems to read and wanted my honest feedback. Well, I was a bit reluctant, and I responded to her with “I am not a professional” as I have not taken any formal writing courses or anything specific to writing poetry. Then I stopped, I began to think about what I said and thought, while I may not be a journalist or what one considered an established writer; it does not diminish my ability to write poetry of substance. Poetry is something that can be felt and expressed from the heart and results from personal experiences and observations. There may be guidelines for writing resulting from education, formal training, etc., but there is no right or wrong about writing what you feel or what develops naturally through life experiences; poetry can pour out of you and just evolve with each word. So, it is become clear to me it was okay to embrace my inner poet.

In reflecting on this journey of my book, I recall where I started and the obstacles I have faced and continued to encounter on this journey. Now, this is just between you and I so listen closely as I share this with you. When I consider what people have told me I would never accomplish, I shutter as I look at my life now. Initially, when I heard such hurtful words, I wasn’t sure how to feel, but quickly realized that my opposition became my strength and reason to move forward. I recognized within myself the talent and ability that God has gifted me with has truly helped me find my way through this process and become fearless in my movement. Above all, I am very mindful to remain humble and grateful for all that has come my way. I know that my gift of writing is not of myself but rather that which was given to me for the purpose of touching people’s lives. I have become a mentor, therapist, (unofficially of course) and a motivational speaker as a result of writing Poetry in Different Colors. These are hats I had no idea I would wear as a result of writing this compilation of poems, but I humbly accept my new attire while wearing them encourage, support and help others express themselves in their journey through life.

I wanted to write this posting to inspire anyone who desires to express themselves through words.   When you can identify your talents and couple them with passion, it is time to spread your wings and take flight without FEAR. Do not allow anyone to tell you what you are not capable of doing, or what you will NEVER accomplish. Use those words to shatter the notion, and move past your apprehension knowing true success can only happen when you TRY. Failure has NEVER been about trying and not succeeding, but rather not trying at all.   It is time to take your dream and talent to a whole other ALTITUDE. See you there.


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