Living Beneath Your Means

Living Beneath Your Means

So, here we are in a new year and some of us are big on New Year’s resolutions; however I don’t want to talk about resolutions but I want to state this in such a way that you can receive it and benefit in “becoming a better you.”  Becoming a better you is a daily task not a yearly possibility.  We are at times challenged with understanding what our talents are, as well as, how to improve upon those things that we are struggling with daily.   Some use the term “weakness,” but I’m viewing these difficulties as challenges.  Subsequently, through this feat we are living beneath our means.  There is more for us to do and much more for us to offer.  We become victims of our circumstance and comfortable in meritocracy.  Obviously, frustration sets in and disappointment leading us to believe this is as good as it gets, but I am here to tell you, such a thought is not true.  I want to journey with you and explain living outside of your circumstances, critical steps and perceptions that will help you move forward.  Know that your lessons are experiences that should be nurtured allowing you to grow and learn from every difficult or unique situation.  These lessons will manifest as blessings if we have the right attitude and embrace them.  Everything is relevant and it is in this place we can challenge ourselves to soar and move beyond the space in which we reside, if it is not grounded in our purpose.  As I connect with Poetry in Different Colors, I am able to capture three poems which will help identify solutions; “Judging Me,” “I Am Not My Circumstance,” and “My Friend with Wings.”

Judging Me addresses self-assessment and the ability to be comfortable enough that you are willing to focus on you.  While you can always find energy to critique others, there is more value when you spend time critiquing yourself.  This is sometimes a difficult task because the rosy colored glasses must be removed.  Judging Me is an admission that we find fault in other people and shy away from our own shortcomings, but when you give yourself permission to assess who you are, there is no time to be self-righteous about the faults or flaws of others.  This takes away the sting of someone else having to correct you or point out your shortcomings.  Keeping in mind the idea of living beneath your means, the time you spend judging you and making the necessary adjustments gives you an advantage in moving upward and being in a space that extends opportunities to you that would otherwise not be available.  Never be afraid to look at yourself and make modifications.  Validation is not something you should seek from others but is something you are able to give to yourself when you know who you are and have determined your purpose in life.

I Am Not My Circumstance is pushing one to embrace the difficulties he/she is going through and recognize it is a temporary state.  Again, reflecting back on your experience as a lesson and inevitably becoming a blessing is the same idea coming forth in this poem.  When we have special circumstances that challenge us we must know it is a situation that will come to an end.  We must hang on until the circumstance has run its’ course and keep moving.  You should not want or expect pity from people when you are going through your circumstance.  Recognize your attitude will determine your altitude.  You can wallow in your circumstance and be a victim or you can push toward the light and take hold of your ability to get up and dust yourself off and move to the next level.  Now let’s be perfectly honest, there are some circumstances where we have control and can move out of, but if we have no motivation to leave that circumstance, we will stay longer than planned and pay more than what we intended.  That is the type of circumstance we must be able to discern when it comes along.  A circumstance can evolve into a beautiful state if you are strong enough to ride the tide and see the end result.  Your circumstance is not who you are, but rather a catalyst to becoming a better you, which in turn will benefit others.

My Friend with Wings speaks to the heart of how we should strive to live.  This poem sets the tone for resilience and leaves no room for the faint at heart.  It is important for us to be able to gauge where we are and how to move forward.  The idea of this poem truly lends itself to being a positive person with a mission and an attitude that implies we never quit and we always see the glass half full.  When we are able to adopt this attitude the thought of living beneath your means is completely eliminated because you have the drive and the power to move toward higher heights and your mindset is to be the best you can be.  Settling is not an option and therefore any challenge that is set before you is clearly taken as a moment of temporary inconvenience.  It is imperative for us to understand we have wings, but we must learn how to spread them and fly.  If we do not use our wings, we are stagnated and destine to remain in the state of living beneath our means.  

Go through this year with a “can do” attitude and at the end of the year you will see that you started as a caterpillar and blossomed into a beautiful butterfly!  Remember attitude determines altitude.


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