How We Evolve

I celebrated my birthday last week and I want to take this time and share my thoughts of reflection. Conforming, transforming, realizing the true you but more importantly how we evolve.  After living this life for a little while, I’ve come to realize the many changes this life has taken me through. I realize that with each passing year I am getting better at recognizing that these experiences are guiding me to living my best life.   It’s funny how in your early years, you know, your 20’s and 30’s, I’ll stop there; you see your life as still evolving but you’re willing to stop when you reach a certain level.  The truth is, we are always learning, ever-changing and there really is no stopping point.  We allow the wrong people into our lives, they can deter us, leading us into toxic relationships be it romantic or plutonic.  Our admiration can become misguided and we begin to emulate others and fail to discover and celebrate our own individuality and attributes which make us one of kind.

What I have come to understand through this life is, while there are certain rules we have to conform to, there are just as many concepts and ideas we are free to dismiss.  Understanding who you are creates an atmosphere for you to transform and develop an environment that is uniquely suited for you and the talents you possess.  There will be people who enter into your life that just won’t be a good fit for you.  This could be the result of any number of reasons, lack of commonality, beliefs or just plain old “dead weight” no positive contribution to your growth and development.  I hinted in the past the significance of how people can impact our lives; be strong supporters of our capacity to evolve.  It’s with that understanding “I”, we embrace the notion of separating from people who bring no value to who we strive to be “our most excellent self”. This most important action is not always an easy one to take, but it is often necessary on our journey.

In my book “Poetry in Different Colors” the poem “Inspiration through Affiliation” takes a look into the positive and negative impact people have in our lives.   I would be the first to agree we should have self-motivation which allows us to be our own “cheerleader,” but it is comforting when there are others who cheer us on.   Just as we are pleased to have the positive support, we are often discouraged and misdirected by those who breed negativity and become stumbling blocks to our progress.   The central part of this poem is for us to be encouraged and benefit from the people we encounter along the way.  Be alert and mindful of those who do not encourage you, strong enough to sever connections.

Lastly, in writing the poem “So You” really pushes the idea of celebrating the “true” you and not becoming fixated on others we admire.  It is fine to have a mentor or someone you look up to; however don’t spend too much time wishing or admiring; that you don’t make the most of the characteristics that are wonderfully unique to your own being.  Embrace the value of who you are and never let anyone make you feel insignificant.  You are distinctively and wonderfully made.

I ask you to join me today and celebrate the magnificence of who you are.  Consider, for a moment, that no one can do you better than you.  Therefore, continue your journey and evolve with each momentary day.


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