Dayton Book Expo; Thriving in Your Element

?Dayton Book Expo 2015 Dayton Book Expo

Today I had the most wonderful experience in an environment of what I will call “kindred spirits.”  The Dayton Book Expo was composed of authors of all different types of genres and of course that which is near and dear to me, poetry.  I had the honor and opportunity to meet authors who are writing poetry books and doing well at their craft.  I was mentored, motivated and provided key information to help me continue to build on my poetry.  The one thing I found to be so inviting is as I spoke with various poets we shared a special bond in our very first meeting.  One author of poetry said it best when he said “it is like a family because you have a love and gift for poetry.”

Throughout the day, different people from all walks of life visited my table whether it was other authors or potential customers who share the love of poetry.   The theme that became clear is people want to know why I write poetry.  The answer seems to flow so naturally as I responded, “I have something to say.”  Along with that initial response I have to add there is a love I have for speaking my words poetically from the heart.  My book, Poetry in Different Colors is a voice I share with the world. The  pain, sadness, joy and triumph all resonates in this book.  I often say my book has been my therapy after which I was able to exhale.  My new-found poets understand and embrace my journey of writing because we all want to share our personal side while engaging universal issues and emotions.

What I learned today is the value of networking and genuinely connecting with people. Although part of my purpose in attending any book event is to sell my book, it is not the determining factor of my success. I truly cannot put a price on the networking of today’s event as I believe I was able to thrive in my element.  When you are thriving in your element, there is a hunger and thirst to learn more about your craft and you have a high level of excitement. Your desire is to be the best you can be while being open to the lessons that others can share with you. I found this Expo to be the first of many which will continue to push me to be better.

At the end of the day I was encouraged and looked forward to continuing to work on my next project. Well, just between us I have already started working on my next poetry book and I am confident you will love it just as much as Poetry in Different Colors. I am always looking for the next thing which also is a key component when you thrive in your element.


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