From An Eagle’s View

I’m always excited about writing for my blog although it takes me a moment to decide what to share. After scanning through my book, Poetry in Different Colors, my poem “My Friend with Wings” caught my eye and began to stir emotions so I thought what a great poem to expound upon and share some insight.

When I wrote “My Friend with Wings” it was out of admiration for a dear friend who never ceases to amaze me. It’s his zeal for life that I subscribe to, my friend has a unique view of life. When we look at life and how we survive, it is necessary to have an attitude of optimism and for every failure we must have the attitude of how we can do it better and what we should do next. The non-acceptance of failure doesn’t mean we don’t identify with it but our goal should be that we look for ways to turn our failures into triumphs. Never settle for contentment, as it is not your destination but a stage of your pursuit of success. You move from contentment to creation from creation to triumph. The attitudes we have toward our life dictates the time and energy we will provide in the motions of our journey.

It has been quoted that our “attitude determines are altitude” and I am inclined to believe that. Many times I find we become our own worst critics, which in such a state handicaps us from evolving and being risk takers that will ultimately transform us. We spend time talking about our failures and give little credence to our accomplishments. Consequently, when new challenges are in front of us, we are sometimes apprehensive and even fearful of moving forward; however from an eagle’s view such fear is not comprehensible. The height that an eagle flies is incomprehensible. We should aspire to be like an eagle and have strong muscular legs which allow us to bounce back from temporary setbacks and stand tall in the newness of our recovery. If we adopt the eagle’s attribute of extremely powerful eyes, our vision will not always be understood by others; however it will motivate us to succeed. This is an incredible bird that gives wonderful insight on how humans can operate within their space, while recognizing the potential to elevate to a higher level. Our greatest limitations are the ones we have created in our own mind..


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