Finding Your Talent and Honing Your Craft

Today I decided I would maximize the use of my blog by attaching the link of an excerpt of a video at an event where I recited my poetry:

It was September 19, 2015 at the Ladies Inspiration Day at the Germantown Church of Christ.  The theme of the event is “Ties that Bind” and as always I knew this would be an opportune time not only to speak to the ladies, but to provide a poem that would cause one to think.  The poem on this video is not part of “Poetry in Different Colors,” but it will be in my upcoming poetry book.  This is a time of honing my craft of not only poetry but also motivational speaking.  It is still amazing to me that I am in a space of time where I am able to do something I have a real passion for.  Maybe I knew early on a bit about my talents, but I was apprehensive as to how others would receive them and just to what degree I could be successful.  I am not writing this from a place of arrogance as there will always be room to grow and not a moment of “I have arrived” as there will continue to be the next thing.  I am writing this to encourage and motivate you to keep working your talent to the next level.

Some of you are still on your journey of determining your talents or abilities.  Some may even say “I don’t have any talents” and while I understand the statement, I disagree.  Everyone has some type of talent and it may take a bit longer for some than others to figure it out.  Finding your talent and honing your craft is not something that is a result of other people validating what you do but rather it’s that one thing you know for yourself.  You feel the passion and excitement when you do it and you have a sense of accomplishment when you complete it.  Your talent is that thing that makes you move effortlessly and believe that you have given someone the most sacred part of who you are in that moment.  When you use your talent I believe you find that you receive something very special back that has no momentary value.  There should be a time when money is not the driving force behind sharing your talent or your gift.  This is not  to say you shouldn’t get paid for what you do; however the reason you share your talent is about the love you have for it and the life it breathes into you when you do it.

Everyone has something to give and remember it is not based on other’s validation.  Find your truth in what you are good at and what makes you so uniquely who you are.  Take your talent, hone your craft and share it with the world.  There is no better high than sharing your talent with the world around you, especially when you can have a positive effect on someone else’s life.


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