Complaining without Change

I would like for you to take a journey with me today on a thought I have.  I’m considering that complaining can only be legitimate when I have done all that I can do; however if I have not invested any time or effort into making the change then I cannot nor do I have the right to complain.  This will probably be a bit uncomfortable, but I think it is truly a worthwhile journey if you are willing to embrace it. Just maybe you have taken the path of complaining when in fact you could have done something about the situation.

It is easy to see the problem and more challenging to come up with a resolution.  We quickly and comfortably complain about situations, people, environments and relationships.  As a matter of fact if there was an award for complaining some of us would receive it consistently without fail.  What I would like for you to do is be more open to assessing situations before bending someone’s ear to complain.  It is very possible that if we assess the situation and determine what we can do to make a difference, things will begin to change.  Often more times than not we fail to acknowledge the power of one and give up on trying.  We have this perception that I’m only one person and it won’t make a difference, but if everyone thought that way where would we be.  Yes, I agree there are times when it is easier said than done, but for the most part we have a choice.  You can remove yourself from a particular environment, situation and relationship; however I believe those are the moments where you ask “how bad do I want it?”  If you want it bad enough you won’t just spend time complaining, you will take action and make changes.

Unfortunately we will remain in situations that cause us to complain because somewhere along the way we decided we didn’t deserve better. You gave up on yourself and you gave up on life and the dysfunctional has become a functional way of life.  You draw others in to commiserate while you wallow in something you have the ability to change.  Let’s be perfectly clear, it is not that there is nothing to complain about but know when reality is you are complaining about something with a resolution.  Our voices are a powerful tool as well as our talents and gifts we have to create change.   I challenge you to become a problem-solver, trail-blazer and an innovator that your complaining becomes less of who you are.  Become the person that people look to when they want to walk through resolution and not the person they avoid because of the time you spend complaining.


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