Re-Inventing the Game

As we swiftly come to the conclusion of 2015, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about “re-inventing the game.”  First, I feel it’s necessary to clarify that I don’t want to discuss the typical conversation of an empty New Year’s Resolution that will result in potential failure.  My desire is to address a lifestyle change that has absolutely nothing to do with a “New Year’s Resolution.”  It’s wonderful to be able to assess where you are in your life and the obstacles that are prohibiting you from arriving at your destination.

In one of my previous postings I touched on the concept of being your own worse enemy and the reason for not moving forward is that we allow others to be blockers.  However, in the course of this self-assessment it also lends itself to the courage or lack thereof that sometimes keeps us stuck.  Make no mistake this will cause you to rethink the concept of life you have previously embraced and it will take courage to move.  While we are able to see the mistakes we’ve made there is a reality that we can re-invent who we are by changing the game and beginning to travel in a different direction.   The beauty of re-inventing is merely the idea of a being able to start from ground zero and build your way up to what you want to be.  If you concern yourself with other people and their perception, you may find yourself unable to take this journey.  People tell you that you’re too old, it’s too late and the ship has sailed.  Well, my question is who made those rules and who said that they were applicable to every situation.

Let me share a secret with you, but don’t go telling everyone because this information is just for you.  At 42 years of age, I went back to college and got my Bachelor’s Degree.  Once I graduated I told my friends I was through with school, only to find myself 3 months later back at school working on my Master’s Degree.  I completed my Master’s Degree and… oh no, I didn’t dare enroll for my Ph.D, but thanks for thinking I was that ambitious.  The point is I arrived at a point in my life where I began to re-invent the game.  I didn’t allow anyone to tell me it was too late, I was too old or the ship had sailed, as a matter fact I was totally focused on what was best for me.  As I had shared before I wrote my first book after the age of 50 and life keeps getting better.  Here’s the deal, in order for me to go back to school and write a book and releasing two CDs, I had to change some of things that were going on in my life by reviewing, renewing, and releasing some of the intruders I had allowed in my circle.  Let’s be honest there are people who can (if we allow) become blockers in our journey and keep us from evolving to that next level.  Next, I had to change my perception, you know, the way I perceived life and what I was capable of accomplishing.  I know we often hear perception is some people’s reality, but I say reality is not a perception.  Reality is the truth of a situation and regardless of how we perceive it, the truth doesn’t change.

Thank you for taking the journey with me this year.  Continue to be the best you and spread your wings to reinvent the game.  You got this!  Stay with me as I continue to post in 2016 as we still have much to talk about.


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