Surviving is Not Enough

I was pondering the word “survivor” and I begin to feel like the word cheapened one’s experience.  It started to feel like you were saying “I’m making it,” “I’m getting by,” or “I’m doing what I can.”  All of those statements seemed so mediocre and that’s not what we should want for our lives.  So, I thought why not discover what it is to be more than a survivor and begin to release yourself from the mediocracy that exist.  Perhaps we dream too small when we say “if I could just….” We kill the thought when we say “just” and lessen our expectation for what we want to accomplish.  We go back to “just getting by” when we expect “just enough.”  Why are we afraid to dream big and expect it to happen?   Perhaps, we want to keep our dreams within what we think is “reasonable.”  The greater the dream of what you want to do, the more unreasonable it may be that you’ll succeed, so you hold on to desiring “just enough.”  There we go, we’re back in the survival lane and our dreams cannot be realized staying in “just enough.”  Give yourself permission to dream great things and do all that is in your power to make it happen as well as speak it into your life.   Have your disappointments been so frequent that you have given up on something greater than what you have and it’s a matter of surviving?  There are times we allow our disappointments to get the best of us, it seems that they become a regular fixture in our life.  Unfortunately, we begin to believe the best we can hope for is surviving the day or having “just enough” to make it.  We think what we speak and what we speak begins to manifest in our behavior as well as in our expectations or lack thereof.  Lesson number one, stop saying “if I could just.”   Know “just” is never going to be enough and is below your standards of what you can do with your life.

I often share my triumph with breast cancer and now entering year 12 of being cancer free, I must admit I have said in the past I am a breast cancer “survivor;” however in retrospect I believe I cheapen the experience of what has happened.  I am a breast cancer CONQUEROR who has been TRIUMPHANT in having the VICTORY over breast cancer by the grace of God and that is so much more than “just surviving.”  Knowing that, I see my life as much more than surviving which has allowed me to move into a different dimension of my life that is eager, willing and ready to take on whatever challenges come my way.  I don’t think about surviving, I do think about having the victory and that entices me to reach the goal.  Our power lies in the words that we speak (as long as we speak them in truth); if we can believe it, we can conceive it and we will achieve it.  Let’s consider using powerful words to replace survivor, such as conqueror or to say we were triumphant or victorious in our pursuit.  Words are powerful vehicles that we build our thoughts upon and can only move when we give them life.  The more powerful the word, the stronger we can become.  Our thinking and speech drive our destinations whether we realize it or not. When you think about someone saying “I survived the day,” does that sound powerful to you?  Does it sound like the person did something noteworthy or simply just made it through?  We both know that statement gives absolutely no power to what the person accomplished by surviving the day.  If we strive to be conquerors, be triumphant, or be victorious, it sheds a different light and a different feeling about what we have done.  Then we can begin to broaden our expectations and heighten our dreams beyond that which is minimal.  Our greatest fears are conquered by our greatest accomplishments.  Stop thinking about surviving and start seeing yourself as a person of victory.  It may take some work, but once you arrive in the space of more than a survivor, you will understand why surviving is not enough.



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