Knowing the Power of Your Voice

I am excited as I have embarked on this new journey with my second poetry book, “The Silence is Too Loud.”  As it was with “Poetry in Different Colors,” this book too captures life lessons.  Today, I wanted to open the door with something powerful that most of you will be able to connect with.

The world in which we live changes based on the efforts of the people.  Consider the fact that there are changes which arise through the effort of one person and that one person causes a domino effect.  Individually, we can be responsible for creating movements that can help or even sometimes hinder depending on the intent.  But for now, I am speaking in the positive and speaking to the power of positive change.  What hinders change many times is the silence which holds us captive and we choose not to speak out.  The perception of not being able to make a difference or thinking “I’m just one person” has long been the paralysis that prohibits progress.

We have been conditioned to believe that majority rules which in many instances deters us from being a part of the minority.  Our fear is that we will be the “odd man out” and powerless without the support of the majority.  Is it possible that what starts out as the minority could change and become the majority?  I say that it is not only possible but has been proven.  There are moments where other people feel and think the same as you but are waiting for someone else to speak up before they make their own position known.  Walking alone is not always easy, but in the pursuit of what is right and the betterment of a situation, it is necessary.  When people recognize the power of your voice, they may be inclined to join in and use their voice as well.  The one person becomes two and the two become many and invariably it results in a group that is making a difference to bring about change.

If we see there is a need to be filled, we cannot wait for someone else to initiate, nor should we believe that as one we do not matter.  Your voice is more powerful than you know and your silence is a black hole that some hope you fall into.


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