Eliminate, Elevate, & Celebrate

As I sat in my room thinking about a life lesson to share on my blog, I went through my book; “The Silence is Too Loud” and the poem “A Product of Your Environment” felt right.  I started processing the high points and thinking about how this could help create an awareness of where we are in our lives.  During this process, I identified how we needed to eliminate the crutch that we are a product of our environment to move to the next level.  There comes a time when we should become strong enough to stand and own what we are as well as where we are in our lives.  And in that moment, we mature where we can see challenges as an opportunity to make good choices.

It’s very “easy” to justify our behavior by stating “that’s how I was raised” or “that’s how my family deals with ….,” as well as saying “I am a product of my environment.”  Eliminate that which is easy as it allows us to be comfortable with why we are in a certain state that is contaminating our life (remember when we’re comfortable we don’t grow).  We look around and find people to place blame as our explanation seems to be that of being victimized by our environment.  Although I will be the first to admit, it is difficult to rise above our circumstances, it is not impossible.  The question becomes, how bad do you want it because taking the easy way out is just that, “easy.”  You can be that person who decides despite circumstances you are making a different choice.  You are taking control and making certain the negative mentality of your environment does not contaminate you.

When we embrace our own destiny and stand on the truth that we do not have to mirror the environment where we were raised then we can celebrate.  As we take these very critical steps we begin to rise above the obstacles and pave a new way which says here is my best and truest version of me.  We stop hiding behind other people’s behavior to justify our mistakes and own our mess and clean it up.

We cannot allow ourselves to feel like victims because we were raised a certain way, lived in a certain neighborhood, attended a certain school or had parents who did not make choices that were in our best interest.  Life happens and we can make better choices and be greater in our own right.  We must eliminate the negativity that haunts us while elevating to the platform that allows us to stretch and reach our goals.  Then we can celebrate our accomplishments knowing that our environment did not hinder our destination for success.


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