Gifting Your Gift

In a world where our time is valued and selfishly mishandled, we tend to miss the opportunity to gift others with our gift(s).  The attributes and abilities one holds are useful to those around him, however, we do not take the time to recognize the value in extending ourselves unless of course there is a momentary reward involved.  Now, I am not advocating that your time is not worth anything and that everything you do should be without payment; however, there are times we should “give of ourselves” without expectations.

Do we withhold sharing what we have because we become intimidated or afraid that someone will go beyond where we are?  You and I know that happens more often than we would like to admit.  The fear of sharing knowledge or your skills only to see someone get ahead seemingly can appear to be unfair.  Therefore, we hold things close to the chest and at times pretend we do not have the knowledge they seek.  How sad is that commentary of withholding.  There is not anything good that you can do for someone that will not come back to you full circle, some may even call it (as I do) a blessing.

What do you do well that you can extend to others to help develop their skills or uplift their day and make their journey better?  It’s not always something big, it can be as simple as your time to listen, your presence just to sit in silence, or maybe to share in the celebration of one’s accomplishment great or small.  These are important, but we minimize them when we have other commitments which seem more important.  In the meantime, we have robbed someone of our gift(s) and deemed it as something which was not significant enough for us to give of ourselves.  Everyone has something to offer, it’s just a matter of finding what it is.

Sometimes we even question our own abilities and wonder if it would make a difference, therefore we refrain from using what we have as benefit for others.  There is always someone who will need what you have and I would like to stress, it’s not always about money.  You may have knowledge of resources, experiences that provide insight into making good decisions in a specific area, you may have the skills that can be used to truly change someone’s life.  We can be afraid to use what we have not realized the benefit it can be to others.  Now, some of you believe that some of the things I’ve named aren’t really gifts, but when you don’t have it yourself and someone else extends it to you, you then see it as a gift.

Learn to extend yourself and allow people to evolve and grow through the gifts you have and you may find great joy in doing so.  Free your mind and free your time understanding, “to whom much is given, much is required.”

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