Removing Toxic People

Last week I presented my workshop The Silence is Too Loud Series I.  I enjoyed this opportunity because I could see there are people who had their ah-ha moments and some who chose to only attend briefly and not return.  I did not take it personally because either they are not strong enough to receive the information or they are not ready to make changes. As I continue this journey of motivational speaking I am learning more about people as well as myself.  You know when people want to grow and move past the obstacles that are keeping them tied down.  We can be our worst enemy and the very person keeping us in captive is ourselves.  That my friend, is a tough evaluation to make and accept to the degree that you are prepared to do something about it.

So, as I presented my workshop sessions for three days, I had people who were there because they needed to acknowledge their truth and wanted to find ways to heal and move forward in their lives.  I found that one of the most intense sections of this workshop is addressing the people who are toxic in your life and walking away from those relationships.  When we have a misguided loyalty to others, it can be to our own detriment.  I would call this a loyalty that is a tragedy because if we are not careful we find ourselves in an abyss that we can’t seem to figure out how to escape.  If we want to become healthy in our thinking and our spirit, we should be willing to evict some people from our personal space and not look back.  Often, we believe that if we let go of certain individuals that we are taking a loss and there will be a void created because of the disengagement; however, I believe we would be pleasantly surprised of the weights that are removed in doing so.  Perhaps we believe this because we have not fully tapped into our own self-worth and ignore the signs of toxic people who bring no value to our lives.  Once we discover and acknowledge our own self-worth, I believe that is a pivotal moment when we are ready to let go and move from a place we were never destined to be.

The lesson that I really want to get across to audience as I present this workshop is the need to identify our wounds and in turn learn how to heal.  There are many facets involved with the process and healthy relationships are critical to our healing as they provide us the support we need.  Everyone does not fit in our space and we must give ourselves permission to step away from those people so that we can grow.


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