We All Have Wings

We all have experienced negative and hurtful words

And some things told we choose not to repeat what we heard

But despite the wounds created that seem they won’t heal

We have to be strong enough to overcome how we feel

We all have wings even when we do not think so

It’s just a matter of using them as we begin to grow

When words are spoken CAN’T, WON’T, EVER, NEVER

Take on the challenge and be even better

Than they ever thought we could be

What we have is more than they can see

We all have wings that need to spread

And take us on our course to get ahead

Misconceptions we should disregard

Or we will remain exactly where we are

We are eagles with an altitude unknown to man

Which tells me whatever the goal, “yes we can”

Chart new territory, blaze a new trail

Do whatever our passion drives us to do and

Dismiss the word fail

We all have wings and the ability to fly

So if we have yet to take flight the question is why

Why have we allowed someone to clip our wings?

Prevent us from moving on to greater things

Confidence in ourselves is lesson number one

Fulfilling the greatness of who we are to become

Sandra R Blythe (c) 2016

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