Hindsight Living


It was once told to me that “we live our lives forward but we understand it backward.”  As I pondered that phrase, I begin to think about hindsight and how it allows us to put things in their proper perspective.  Not only that, if we are fortunate enough we can use our hindsight to retrieve those nuggets of wisdom that we acquired along the way.  This should not be confused with living in the past but more so taking the lessons that you’ve learned along the way and making them count.  There is a vast difference between dwelling on your past experiences and recognizing the valuable lessons you have learned through life’s journey.

If we understand our lives backward, it stands to reason we should become better, stronger and wiser because we begin to identify with our true person.  This results in knowing who we are and why we do what we do.  As we understand our lives, we should grow and mature to a level where we can appreciate the transitions that take place even when they have been painful experiences.   However, during this process, we can become better equipped to approach life differently and navigate around the pitfalls while knowing what the warning signs are. The joy of hindsight living is we can view our life retrospectively and celebrate the value of what we have gone through.

Rather than becoming disappointed about how you have handled past experiences in your life, use those situations as opportunities to grow through hindsight living; after all, “hindsight is twenty-twenty.”


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