Bio: A lifelong native of Dayton, Ohio, I earned my Bachelor & Master Degrees from the University of Phoenix. I started thinking like a writer at an early age, while most children my age were outside playing, I spent some of my free time reading mystery novels and trying my hand at mystery writing before finding my true calling, poetry. I began writing poetry for myself and many of my friends, for special occasions, gifts and the frequent emotional and therapeutic outlet. But poetry was just one transom into the countless adventures, relationships, challenges and dreams I would convey through my writings. While discovering my talent for the printed word I perfected my natural gift of singing and song writing; with the ultimate culmination of poetry in motion, words that created songs. I frequent between my writing nest at home and the music studio, so it has become a natural process combining words and melodies to create personal stories. A single mother of two adult children I am very busy in my empty nest, writing, singing and creating new characters for my poetry from the greatest experience of all, everyday life. As of October 11, 2016, I published my second poetry book, "The Silence is Too Loud." This is a book that will bring you to your feet as you applaud, cry, exhale and in some instances feel that this is your story. My book is giving voice to the very things we sometimes are challenged with not only talking about, but also embracing.

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